About Us

“True healing is hard to find. Like a rare diamond. For those who will find it, you must spread your wings and travel to heal.”

~ Unknown
Our Story

Like a rare diamond, true healing is hard to find. In 2014, Black Girls On The Go, Inc.,® (BGOTG) was created to empower women to explore how Travel Heals Your Soul. BGOTG is the original travel organization offering travel as a compliment to therapy. Endorsed by various professionals around the world BGOTG, offers a safe space and tribe of travelers who are ready to push their limits and celebrate life on the go.

BGOTG is more than travel,

We provide high-achieving sistas with transformational travel experiences (Soul Adventures) that bring back the colour and spice to life--and let go of the stress that gets attached to our emotional health. Soul Adventures are curated exclusively for BGOTG clients irrespective of where they are in life or on their healing journey. It is often described as a one-of-a-kind,


illuminating, healing, travel, wellness, retreat with a group of Sistafriends all rolled up in one.


You get to see the world from the eyes of a woman who has chosen to spread her wings, take flight, and experience a healing retreat with a sistahood community. We are committed to assisting and encouraging black women to build their confidence, power, and self-love through unique travel experiences. The ocean water is still warm, come join us!


Since beginning in 2014, our sistas have experienced healing breakthroughs and have identified how they have been living other people’s dreams --they’re now living their own!

We are the
organization for Black Girl Retreats and has been featured in:
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Meet The Founder

Shay Sane, is the founder and Executive Director of BGOTG.,  She was born in raised in Washington, DC and currently resides in Clearwater Beach, Florida.  Shay is also a Mental Health Advocate and an Ambassador for the Invisible Disabilities Association.

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To date BGOTG has exposed
Experience Life with us

Often times black women are discouraged, contained and restrained by burdens, stress, loss, and fear. We are told it’s okay to experience an average life and do just what’s expected.


Whether out of duty to family, life challenges, many black women accept ordinary lives. We get stuck in a boring and routine lifestyle and we lose ourselves in someone else’s life.

However, deep down you are craving an opportunity to experience life. BGOTG can help you re-discover, cultivate self-love, heal, and have a brighter side to life.  Our mission for black women is to release the guilt, stress, and overwhelm of everyday life and travel for the *soul* purpose of healing themselves. Work less and be on the go more is what we strive for--and we hope that you can join us!

Imagine what it would feel like to really like yourself, be fixed, made whole, happy, and rejuvenated. You deserve a grand opportunity to get away from it all and just live.