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Greece Soul Adventure
Athens| Mykonos | Santorini

Our Soul Adventure in Greece is for high-achieving sistas who are ready to tap into their feminine power So they can feel confident, connected, and at peace on their healing journey.

Jun 22 - Jul 1, 2022

Let’s be real--when was the last time you’ve got to rest in a way that recharges your mind, body, and soul? Chances are, you *rarely* get to truly relax in a way that benefits all parts of your life, and heal in a way that lets go of the past to effectively make room for the future.

If you are a high-achieving sista (with a running to-do list in your mind) who longs to have the time to truly work on yourself, I have an exclusive opportunity for you.

“Travel Heals Your Soul” means being able to take time for myself and prevent & cure caregiver burnout. I’ve been a family caregiver for my dad since 2016 and it’s been stressful as a young adult who no longer can live the typical independent life of a young adult with these new responsibilities.

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About this Soul Adventure

Our Greece Soul Adventure is one of our most popular travel experiences-- and we’re headed back there again this year.

Come join us on the black sands beach and enjoy the rich and beautiful history of this country.

Oia Santorini Greece

Fun facts about Greece:

  • With its crystal-clear waters, green valleys, and exotic landscapes, Greece is known to be one of the most relaxing and breathtaking places on earth to vacation.

  • This has been a major tourist destination and attraction in Europe since antiquity.

  • It’s in southeastern Europe with thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas.

  • Influential in ancient times, it’s often called the “cradle of Western civilization.”

  • Athens, its capital, retains landmarks including the 5th-century B.C. Acropolis citadel with the Parthenon temple.


Who is this Greece Soul Adventure for?

Our sistas who embark on our Soul Adventures are ambitious, kind,goaloriented, spiritually centered, sisterly, open to cultural immersion, and are looking for happiness while traveling the globe.

The specific demographic selection for this Soul Adventure allows you to bond with women of similar backgrounds, travel with intention, and give yourself permission to delve deeper into living a PURPOSEFUL and POWERFUL life.

Here’s what happens when you join us for our Unleash Your Inner Goddess Greece Soul Adventure:
  • Each day you wake up with the sole purpose of doing things that are in alignment with yourself and that ultimately feel good to you

  • You start to make decisions from a place of love and not fear

  • You’ll learn how to utilize other therapeutic tools in a way that resonates with you instead of numbing the pain or depression

  • Things such as self-care, peace, fun, and creativity become your norm and not a distant dream

  • You get to feel nourished by the rhythm of your own beat (all dancers are welcomed)! ---------------------------------------------

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Why You Must Join Us!

You have worked hard and you deserve a lifetime adventure and there’s no better way to experience it than with the #blackgirltravelmovement. We will take care of every single detail from booking the cruise to arranging accommodations, programs, and features guaranteed to make your tour worthwhile.

There’s no feeling better than visiting great monuments, ancient ruins, romantic streets and eating intercontinental cuisines from three different countries all in one week.

Our life-changing travel experiences and retreats are also curated to help you:

  • Walk away with a personalized wellness plan

  • Enjoy the community of women who have walked similar paths as you

  • Soak up a luxury experience (that’s right-- flights, room, an unforgettable scenery, and logistics all planned for you!)

  • Participate in a retreat that includes top wellness professionals dedicated to helping you heal your mind, body, and soul

  • Follow the path to your inner healing journey that can lead to peace of mind, clarity, and joy

  • Feel great about yourself! Our Soul Adventure sistas have told us they’ve instantly felt happier, healthier, and sexier


What’s included in this Soul Adventure:


We will spend 8 days and 7 nights on this Soul Adventure together in Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini!


7 Nights accommodations at four (4) star hotel in Greece 3 Nights in Athens 2 Nights in Mykonos 4 Nights in Santorini

Port Charges

We cover all transfers with transportation via private bus.


We cover a delicious and full breakfast daily, dedicated to helping you start your day feeling recharged and centered.

Welcome Event

Being in on a Soul Adventure with sistas who have a common purpose of healing and lifting each other up is irreplaceable. That’s why we’re kicking this off with a warm welcome event once you get settled in your hotel. You’ll walk away knowing how you can receive the most out of this Soul Adventure and ultimate healing experience.

Onsite Ambassador

BGOTG Travel Ambassador will be onsite for the duration of the trip to assist you at any time with information about your Soul Adventure or Greece-related information.

Hotel/Port Transfer

We assist with fllights and/or ferries between Athens and the Greek Islands.

Travel Planner

Traveling can feel overwhelming, that’s why we’ve got your back! You will receive a digital copy of the coveted BGOTG Travel Planner to allow you to plan your tour and reduce stress.

Soul Boutique

This is not your typical workshop or retreat. Our Soul Boutique is where we will gather together for a conversation led by a top wellness professional to support you in healing your mind, body, and soul during this Soul Adventures!

Let Me Pack My Bags!

Unleash Your Inner Goddess Itinerary

Your Transformational Expert

nicolejackson (1).jpeg
Nicole Jackson

Nicole Jackson is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and is the owner and operator of NLJ Counseling and Coaching Services, LLC. Nicole graduated from Webster University in 2012 with a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling with a concentration on Family and Marriage Therapy. As an LPC, Nicole has been in practice for eight years providing a variety of mental health services with an emphasis on promoting mental wellness and self-care. Nicole’s dedication to the self-preservation of the African American Woman is paramount as she seeks to dismantle the notion of the Black "superwoman".

Nicole has a history of helping with phases of life concerns, anxiety, depression, relational issues, stress management, and crisis intervention among many other issues.

Nicole has a passion for traveling and has visited eight countries, 29 states and 41 cities with a love for a good beach. Nicole enjoys combining her joy for traveling with her strive to help heal her community, thus she has joined Black Girls on the Go as the mental health expert and Coaching Therapist and will be on hand to help in creating a space for healing, community and self-love, all while having fun and enjoying various countries across this great planet.

Let Me Pack My Bags!

A Final Love Note from Shay

To embark on a Soul Adventure, you don’t have to just trust me…


You have to trust YOURSELF.


You have to trust that…


You have the permission to honor what feels good, easeful, and aligned with your mind, body, and soul.

You deserve to enjoy a Soul Adventure that includes a transformational travel experience for you.

Unleashing your Inner Goddess means that you get to dedicate 8 days to put down the roots for your vision of healing to flourish.

And most importantly?

Your dreams, desires, and emotional health are all important.

A healing journey that could help you effectively leave the past behind involves leaning into a powerful community of sistas who get you and soaking up the wisdom of wellness professionals who’ve also been where you are emotionally.

Avoid the mistakes most sistas make that leave them feeling frustrated, disconnected, and unsatisfied with living a life that’s different from the one they really want to live.


As a recognized ally of the Transformational Travel Council and a lifelong activist of helping other women (including myself) deal with chronic depression and emotional health, I’ve learned the strategies that work to support you in making way for more confidence, creativity, and wholeness to fill up your life.

Since 2014, I’ve transformed hundreds of clients’ lives by helping them love who they are more, heal through my signature Soul Adventures, and feel guided in creating inner peace and happiness.

My mission is to support black women jet-set across the globe, experience dinners together, do activities, but also work through their wounds with one another and with the help of wellness professionals who join in on the trips.

This transformational healing experience will be integral to cultivating and maintaining your new healing and wellness plan.

Regardless of whether or not you decide to join us on this Soul Adventure, I encourage you to begin setting aside money and time to be around people and to do activities that truly light you up right now.

In sistahood,


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