Meet The Founder Shay Sane


Hey, I’m Shay!

I’m the Founder/Executive Director of Black Girls On The Go and I’m a Mental Health Advocate. Originally born and raised in Washington, DC, I currently live in Clearwater Beach, Florida aka where I live my “Vacation Lifestyle” every day.

In 1998, my whole life changed when my dear sister Brenda (38) passed away due to a prolonged health struggle.

Brenda had lived with Myotonic Dystrophy her entire adult life which caused mobility challenges for her.  After Brenda’s passing, I began experiencing major depression that I had never known and realized that my heart needed to heal from my grief. The heavy grief from both my sister and my mom passing away bled into me feeling insecure in various relationships. How would I know if I got too close to someone that they wouldn’t abandon me?

While struggling with high-functioning major depressive disorder and anxiety, I was ready to create a life that would allow me to experience the best that life has to offer. Traveling allowed me to recenter myself. It was the only thing I found that healed my mind, body, and soul. Along with attending traditional therapy services, I wanted to heal my emotional and mental health.

During my first solo experience in Paris, I was able to tap into strength and power that I did not know she possessed. My travel to Paris reinvigorated my thirst for life.

My healing journey through traveling and therapy has helped me create more emotional intimacy with loved ones, feel confident in my body, forgive those who have wronged me, and led me to more happiness and clarity than I’ve ever could have imagined.

Once I immersed myself into the travel lifestyle, it gave me so much of the freedom and healing that I’d craved. I spent the last 20 years traveling the world, experiencing other cultures, and significantly mastering the art of healing-- which is the key to having a healthy mental relationship with oneself.

healing which is the key to having a healthy mental relationship with oneself.

Originally, I wanted to gather a group of women together and take them on international trips so they could get the rest, relaxation and healing that they needed. One thing that I encountered that made me really shift focus onto mental wellness was that I was encountering a lot of clients that were very angry. I recognized that I needed to be doing something more than just bringing women together to travel.


That’s when I decided to reach out to some mental health and wellness professionals. These transformational experts help women work through their healing journey in a healthy, beneficial, and realistic way.

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All of my experiences with traveling and working on my inner healing journey have led to BGOTG and TRAVEL HEALS YOUR SOUL being born. My life's mission is to encourage black women to make their mental health their first priority. To break down the stereotype that black women don’t seek out emotional help--you don’t have to do this alone! If you don’t make time to work on your happiness, your time will go to everyone and everything else.


Fun facts about me:

My top 2 favorite places to travel are Cuba and Maldives

Favorite things to do while traveling: meeting new people and going to the grocery stores!

I love traveling during the holiday season

I have over 10 tattoos!

I love dancing (any Chris Brown music fans out there!?)