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Meet The Founder

Shay Sane

Shay Sane is the Founder/Executive Director of Black Girls On The Go and is a Mental Health Advocate. She was born and raised in Washington, DC and currently resides in Clearwater Beach, Florida where she lives a “Vacation Lifestyle” everyday.  In 1998 Shay lost her dear sister Brenda (38) to a prolonged health struggle.

Brenda had lived with Myotonic Dystrophy her entire adult life which caused mobility challenges for her.  After Brenda’s passing, Shay experienced major depression that she had never known and realized that her heart needed to heal from her grief.

During her first solo experience in Paris, Shay was able to tap into strength and power that she did not know she possessed. Her travel to Paris reinvigorated her thirst for life. 

Once Shay immersed herself into the travel lifestyle it gave her so much of the freedom and healing that she craved.  Shay spent the last 20 years traveling the world, experiencing other cultures, and significantly mastering the art of the healing which is the key to having a healthy mental relationship with oneself.  

TRAVEL HEALS YOUR SOUL was born.  Shay’s life's mission is to encourage black women to make their mental health their first priority.
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